Diocesan Offices

Offices of the Diocese of Peterborough

Chancery Office:

350 Hunter Street West – Box 175
Peterborough, ON, K9J 6Y8
Phone: 705 745-5123 Fax: 705 745-2555
email: chancery@peterboroughdiocese.org

Diocesan Officials and Services

Bishop Most Rev. William Terrence McGrattan D.D.
Bishop-Emeritus Most Rev. Nicola De Angelis, c.f.i.c.
Vicar General Fr. Joseph J. Moran

Spiritual Affairs
Chancellor of Spiritual Affairs Fr. Joseph Devereaux
Director of Vocations Fr. John Perdue
Director of the Office of Youth Fr. Craig Cruikshank
Episcopal Vicar for Religious
Judicial Vicar Fr. Joseph Devereaux
Marriage Tribunal – Adjutant Judicial Vicar 
Marriage Tribunal Case Instructor and Coordinator of Family Ministries Office Ms. Robyn Henighan
Respect Life Office Sr. Theresa Roddy, c.s.j.
Liaison for Catholic Education Fr. Kenneth Rae
Rector of the Cathedral Fr. Luis Lapinid
Diocesan Master of Ceremonies Fr. Jerry Tavares
Liturgy and Divine Worship Fr. Paul Massel (Chair)
Ecumenism Fr. Damian Smullen
Chaplain to Seniors
 Fr. Andrew Begin

Temporal Affairs
Chancellor of Temporal Affairs Fr. Peter Seabrooke
Financial Administrator Deb McRae
Diocesan Finance Council Mr. David Gray (Chair)
Diocesan Property Committee Fr. Peter Seabrooke (Chair)
Financial Administrative Assistant Jennifer Campitelli
Finance Clerk Amanda Smith

Vicars Forane
Dean – City Fr. Jerry Tavares (St. Alphonsus Liguori, Peterborough)
Dean – Central Fr. Peter Selvaraj (St. Paul’s, Lakefield)
Dean – Southern Fr. Paul Massel (St. Joseph’s, Bowmanville)
Dean – Northern Fr. Neil Campbell (Holy Family, Britt)

Website Management – I.T.
Fr. Craig Cruikshank
Brendan Quigley